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Tai Chi Energies

Within the core practice of Tai Chi is the idea of energies called "Jin" or "Jing".  These energies are related to but independent from the basic muscular motor movements we are used to when observing and practicing any physical exploration.

After practicing the basic movements and form practitioners become more conscious about body movement.  This increase in body awareness coupled with the structural support of skeletal placement and relaxation of the muscles allows the intrinsic Tai Chi energies to manifest clearly and demonstrably.  With the ability to understand an utilize these energies, Tai Chi can be taken to elevated levels of skill that rely far less on the muscular and mostly on energetic awareness.

The pursuit of deeper levels of energetic understanding is a primary goal of this school.

Primary Energy
0 Sticking/Adhering (Tsan Nien Jing)

Prerequisite understanding and ability with Adhere/Stick is necessary to fully grasp all the following concepts.

Energies (Jing) which concern the point and the opponent (peripheral/external) also the 8 primary energies.

1 Listening (Ting Jing)
2 Comprehending/Understanding (Dong Jing)
3 Receiving (Tsou Jing)
4 Neutralizing (Hua Jing)
5 Seizing/Sealing (Na Jing)
6 Enticing/Asking (Ying Jing)
7 Issuing (Fa Jing)
8 Borrowing (Chieh Jing)

Energies which concern one's own body (central/internal)

9 Opening (Kai Jing)
10 Closing (He Jing)
11 Rising (Ti Jing)
12 Sinking (Chen Jing)

The next 8 are considered the 8 powers or 8 techniques

13 Bumping (Peng Jing)
14 Rolling Back
(Lu Jing)
15 Squeezing (Ji Jing)
16 Pushing (An Jing)
17 Plucking/Pull Down (Tsai Jing)
18 Lateral/Rending (Lieh Jing)
19 Elbowing (Jou Jing)
20 Shouldering (Kou Jing)

Consummate Energies (internal/external)

21 Long (Chang Jing)
22 Intercepting (Chieh Jing)
23 Drilling (Tsuan Jing)
24 Lofty/Soaring/Empty/Sky (Ling Kong Jing)

Other Energies

More types of Jing include:




Cold (Nung Jing) used closing

Cutting (Tze Jing)


Deflecting (Boh Jing)

Fine (Fuen Jing) simiar to short power, focused to small area

Folding Up (Tzo The Jing)




Interrupting (Tuan Jing) leaves the jing in the opponent so no borrowing can occur


Rolling (Jen Jing)

Rubbing (Chou Jing)



Twisting (Jzeh Jing)

Vibrating (Dow So Jing)

Vibrating Bouncing (Dow Tiao Jing)


And there are yet more...

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