City of Lakes Tai Chi


Empty Hand Solo Forms

  • 5 Section Taijiquan - The first simplified form of the "Five Fives", this short Yang style movement set teaches the basic structures of Tai Chi.  At the same time, it allows for detailed and engrossing study even for advanced members.  Typically, the sequence is memorized to the body within 1-3 months while a more comprehensive understanding may come several years into study. beginner - advanced

    "Five Fives": A series of simplified Tai Chi forms developed and taught by Sam Masich (in conjunction with Master Shouyu Liang) which include, bare hands, partner, solo sword, partner sword, and Chen style.

  • 24 Movement Simplified - 24 Form (Simplified Form) Tai Chi Chuan is the result of an effort by the Chinese Sports Committee which brought together four T'ai Chi experts in 1956. These experts truncated the Yang family hand form to 24 postures. They wanted to somehow retain the essential principles of T'ai Chi Ch'uan but make it less difficult to learn than longer (108 posture) classical family T'ai Chi Ch'uan hand forms. This form can be used in competitions although COLTC generally  teaches 5 section Yang style and 108 movement instead. beginner - advanced

  • 108 Movement Yang Style - This form offers the most comprehensive and detailed study of Taijijuan.  Articulation of the hip track and waist movement are examined in a variety of stances and transition steps covering the entire range of natural body mechanics.  The length of the form (normal practice takes up to 40 minutes) promotes meditative, conscious moving and also inhibits easy learning.  At least one year of continuous study is required to simply learn the sequence properly while lessons received through the practice may last a lifetime. intermediate - advanced

  • Short Xingyiquan Movement - Xingyiquan (Hsing-I Chuan) is one of the three major "internal" arts, the other two being Tai Chi and Bagua, and is characterized by aggressive, seemingly linear movements and explosive power.  The short set is practiced as taught by Master Shouyu Liang and Sam Masich.  Due to its inherent differences from Tai Chi, it is usually studied by more advanced members of COLTC. advanced

  • 5 Section Chen Style Taijiquan - The fifth of the "Five Fives", This Chen form follows the same structure as the solo Yang and solo sword routines. Demonstrations of Chen style principles, applications and Push Hands make this an important program for people wanting a concise experience this fascinating approach to the coiling energy of Chen style Tai Chi. advanced

Wu Bu (5 Stances)
  • Horse-riding (qi ma shi)
  • Bow-and-arrow (gong jian shi) (forward stance)
  • Empty (xi shi)
  • Stretching stance (pu tui shi) (snake creeps down)
  • Single-leg stance (du li shi) (rooster)

13 Powers/Postures (encapsulates the 8 Powers/Techniques and the 5 Postures)
8 Powers/Techniques
  • Peng
  • Lu
  • Ji
  • An
  • Tsai
  • Lieh
  • Jou
  • Kou
5 Postures
  • Move forward
  • Move backward
  • Look right
  • Gaze left
  • Central
6 Harmonies
  • shoulders to hips
  • elbows to knees
  • wrists to ankles

Reeling Silk
(chan si jin) with shun chan si (normal direction) and ni chan si (reversed)

Partner Forms and Training

  • 5 Section partner bare hand Taijiquan (empty hand sparring based on #1)
  • 88 Movement Yang Style 2 Person Sparring Set
  • Four Hands (Si Zheng)
  • Moving Four Hands Walking Steps
  • Four Hands 1-9 Changes
    1. Hinder George
    2. Windshield Wiper
    3. Rollover Beethoven
    4. Pie in Face
    5. Space Jam
    6. Refrigerator Magnet (make a 6)
    7. Arm Bar
    8. Pattycake
    9. Universal
  • Yang Style 1-8 Push Hands Exercises
  • Da Lu
  • Free Style Pushing Hands
  • Xingyiquan Five Elements

Weapons Forms

  • 5 Section solo straight sword Taijijian (Yang style sword)
  • 54 Movement Sword Form
  • 39 Movement Taijidao Sabre Form

Partner Weapons Forms and Training

  • 5 Section partner straight sword Taijijian (sword sparring based on #3)
  • Taijijian 2 Person Sword Drills
  • Short 2 person Dao Set
  • Spear Training Exercises


  • 8 Pieces of Brocade Qigong
    1. Commencement
    2. Push the boat down the stream
    3. Turn to lift up the sun and moon
    4. Mythical bird spreads its wings
    5. Lift the giant rock with great confidence
    6. Slide the window to gaze at the moon
    7. Wind blows the face
    8. Old man strokes his beard
  • Balancing the Heart Qigong (Shuxin Pingxue Gong)

Our school focuses on the understanding and utilization of the 25 primary Yang style Tai Chi Energies.

A list of these energies can be found here.