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(translated from the Chinese writings in the photo above)
Happiness in old age, happiness in old age. When a person is getting older, the body becomes weaker, it is more prone to disease, backaches, hearing loss, the eyes lose their clarity, the memory is not as good. Many problems occur, hands are not as well coordinated. At that time the happiest moments are when you do not have an illness. Personal search for happiness: do not smoke cigarettes, do not drink alcohol and you will not have problems with asthma and cough. Eat 3 meals a day regularly. No craving for fish or meat but get very diluted rich porridge (congee) weekly. Vegetables are the best nourishment Eat more vegetables and fruits. Chew slowly and swallow what you chew slowly. Overindulgence can cause more harm. Eat less sweets, salty, and spicy hot food. Take a walk after you eat to get your 'fire chi' down. When getting older it's most important to have insight. You need to open your heart and mind. With a clear conscience, clear sight you will be happy. As you get older try to communicate with others, to understand, discuss issues, refresh your mind, think and use your wisdom to analyze more, slowly ponder - Never worry or get yourself angry. Do not grasp the tiger by its tail (don't jump into things). Be centered, don't control people. To improve your body and your mind stay even tempered. Keep to your beliefs. Exercise more, more movement prevents illness. T'ai Chi Chuan, Pa Kua Chang, Chi Kung whatever you like, you practice for the good of your body. Go to bed early with regularity. Dress appropriately. Don't be cold or hot Take many walks. Less lazy lounging. Work makes you stronger, you nurture your good chi, then you'll find happiness. When winter comes prevent the cold from coming in, dress warmly. When summer comes, prevent heat strokes. In spring and fall go traveling to different places to enjoy the scenery, enjoy the pleasure of seeing the rivers, the mountains and the changing form of things. Make your mind more relaxed, your eyes more open. This will increase longevity. Take frequent showers, change your clothes often. When the weather is nice do not forget to open the windows. Do not forget to aerate your bedding. Whenever you get sick get the cure immediately, follow the doctor's instructions, take your medicine and avoid charlatans. Don't spread yourself too thin, don't be scattered. Study painting, admire famous musicians and engage in singing. Give more of yourself. This way you teach the younger generations to be responsible. Promote economy, this way you will reach your goal. A rich county with the people healthy, everybody is happy. Happy family, be cordial with each other, you will be happy with everybody. You cannot be without sons and grandsons for happiness. A beautiful future is in front of you. What everybody is reaching for.

(special thanks to Karin & Kim at for the graphic/translation)

Wild Horse
This piece of art was commissioned by one of our members, David.