City of Lakes Tai Chi

Our School

Yang Chen Fu - Single Whip The City of Lakes Tai Chi (COLTC) school is located in Minneapolis, MN.  Several charter members of the school have completed the entire Yang curriculum including all solo forms, two-person forms, as well as sword, spear and saber solo and partner forms.

Our school also has a heavy emphasis on push hands (Tui Shou).  The symbiotic relationship between form, applications and the comprehension of the 25 primary Yang Tai Chi energies allows for a rich learning experience in an informal and friendly environment.

Yang style Tai Chi is characterized by it's widely practiced forms. Posture is upright, and movements during the form are smooth, slow and articulate. Relaxation of body and mind along with the cultivation of concentration and intent are the initial objectives of form work. As the sequence of forms is memorized, students can move into the comprehension of the inner essence of the art including applications, internal structural awareness, and internal energy awareness.

Our club is unique in that do not have any singular teacher or master who's livelihood is teaching classes. Instead, we are a collection of very experienced Tai Chi practitioners and martial artists that come together to explore the art. Many of our members have been attending the group regularly for over 20 years and have learned/taught the entire authentic Yang style curriculum from sticking hands, 108 Form, sword, and spear. Often though, we literally push each other around in guided expercises as we explore Tai Chi as a martial art.